Marine Wipers


Marine vessel wipers are vital for ensuring clear visibility in challenging weather. These wipers meet strict safety and performance standards, enhancing overall safety.

Installed on the windshield, wipers are powered by electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic motors. Matching the size and shape of wiper blades to the windshield ensures maximum coverage and efficiency. Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, wiper blades endure saltwater, wind, and UV radiation. High-quality materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and composites are used for durable and reliable ship wipers. Incorporating intelligent design features, these wipers provide long-lasting performance, enhancing onboard safety and comfort.

Specialized techniques and advanced equipment are utilized in the manufacturing process to meet specifications and safety standards.


– Pantograph Wiper
– Straight Line Wiper
– Pendulum Wiper

Economical On/Off Switch / Economical Panel / LCD Touch Screen Panel

Spray Nozzle
Solenoid Valves

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