Oily Water Separator and Sewage Treatment Plant

Oily Water Separator

Oily Water Separator

15PPM Bilge Separator

Automatic Oil Discharge
Back-washing type

0.3 ~ 10 m3/hr

Power Source :
Main: AC380 ~ AC440V, 50HZ, 3PH, Control : AC220V, 50HZ,1PH
IMO Type Approval Cert.
In accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.107(49)
KR Inspection Certificates
MED Certificates (EC Type Cert., CE-mark by DNV) for EU Flag Vessels
GL Drawing Approval
ABS Design Assessment Certificate

Scope of supply :
15PPM Bilge Separator Unit
– Safety Valves
– Air Vent Valves
– Drain Valves
– Solenoid Valves
– Oil Discharge Valve with open/close indicator
– Pressure Regulating Valve for discharge
– Pressure Gauge with Valve
– Test Cock and Sampling Cock
– Thermometer on body
– Oil Level Detector
– Electric Heater with Control Panel
– Pressure Reducing Valve for fresh water service (for back-washing)
– Automatic Control Panel including Bilge Pump Starter
– Name Plate and Operating Plate
– Lifting Lug


Emulsion Treatment Unit

– Body
– Air Vent
– Bilge Inlet Valve
– Outlet Valve
– Drain Valve
– Coalescer for Emulsion Breaking
– Backwashing Water Inlet Valve

3-Way manual test valve for harbour inspection
according to IMO Resolution MEPC 107(49)


Bilge Pump with Motor

Piston Type

0.3 ~ 2.5 m3/hr

AC380 ~ 440V x 50Hz x 3 Ph

– Pressure Gauge for suction & discharge side with a gauge board & cock
– Safety Valve
– Name Plate
Spare Parts & Tools:
Will be supplied in accordance with the requirement of classification society/
regulatory bodies and maker’s standard


15PPM Bilge Alarm (Oil Content Meter)


Alarm Setting Point:
15ppm (Adjustable range: 0~15ppm)

PPM display range:

IMO Type Approval Cert. acc. to IMO Res. MEPC 107(49)
MED/EC Type Certificate (Wheel Mark)

3-Way Valve for Overboard/Recirculation (for Automatic Stop Device)


Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Biologic Fixed Media Type

1050 ~ 11,200 L/Day

Power Source:
Client request

IMO Approved Type [Res. MEPC. 159(55)]

Scope of supply:
– Main Body (S.T.P) : 1 set
– Control Panel (built on main body) : 1 set
– Discharge Pump & Motor (built on main body) : 1 set
– Aeration Blower & Motor (built on main body) : 1 set
– Other accessories (built on main body)
– Spare Part: Maker’s standard