The BERGAFLEX Sunscreen system for sun and glare protection has been installed on a great number of ship bridges since the 1980s.

BERGAFLEX shades, based on metallised polyester film, are available in different colour combinations. They reduce solar energy by up to 90% and have a light transmission of between 2% and 13%.

Please contact us for further information regarding sun-screens or blackouts for map rooms and cabins on board.



The shading coefficient shows the amount of solar energy which ends up behind the arrangement, most often in the form of secondary radiation. The lower the value, the more effective the reflective arrangement. Still, a high-coefficient foil can be used to good effect if heat absorbed in the foil is ventilated away, which is the case if the foil is fitted to a self-ventilated window.

All values are based on ASHRAE-testing methods. This means, among other things, that the foil is fitted to the inside of 4-millimetre thick neutral glass.

Metallised Films
Ordinary water boils at 100°C at sea-level. At the top of Mount Everest where the air pressure is lower, however, water boils much quicker. In a vacuum (1/100,000 air pressure) aluminium, copper, titanium and stainless steel will all boil when heated. The steam from the melting metal condenses onto a plastic film where it is steered and controlled in order to achieve:

• increased light transmission/light reflection
• the required level of heat resolution
• the required electrical conductivity.

Pigmented Films
Colour pigments, metal pigments and other microscopic particles float in a high-pressure bath and are pressed into the film from both sides. The longer the film is left in the bath, the more pigment it absorbs. Once encapsulated within the film, the pigments are protected against UV-rays.

The choice of pigments determines the levels of light and heat absorption, as well as the colour of the light that penetrates the film.

Combination Films
As the name implies, combination films are a combination of a metallised film with either one or two different dyed films, or a combination of two dyed films.
Films can be used in BERGAFLEX shades, or permanently laminated to a window with the addition of another layer of glue.

Why Metallised?
Metallised films act as mirrors – they have a unique ability to reflect high-intensity rays from the sun. This indoor solar protection is relatively cheap to buy and maintain. It also has an unsurpassable service life and is not affected by weather, corrosion or pollution.