REMONTOWA HYDRAULlC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. – Hydraulic Sliding Doors

Aqua Logistic is the S.E.A. representative for REMONTOWA HYDRAULlC SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o. – Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Doors (Previously known as Hydroster) based in Singapore, with extensive track record and door options to cater to all harsh offshore environments.

Hydraulic Watertight Sliding Doors

The main advantages are:
-compact design for fast and easy installation on board
-simple and resistant construction
-failure free drive system
-competitive pricing with high quality
-experienced technical support team

Max dimensions:
-clear opening height x width 2200 x 1200mm
-standard width 600, 800, 1000, 1100, 1200 other for request

Max load:
-Max load up to 25m water or cargo / passenger vessels applications.
-For offshore applications up to 50m water load.


Drive and control system enabling:
-remote closing door from bridge
-local closing, and opening door
-local closing and opening door by hand pump with both sides of bulkhead
-closing, opening, closing by accumulator energy (optionally)
-closing door by hand pump installed over bulkhead deck (optionally)

Time of closing the door by means of:
-power unit 20 = t = 40sec
-hand pump t = 90sec

-acoustic at the door
-optical at the door
-optical and acoustic on mimic panel for the bridge
-optical for stand over bulkhead deck

Class certificates:
G.L, DNV, L.R, B.V, ABS, RINA, RMRS, others as per request.

Bulkhead door-typical scope of delivery:
-door unit painted eproxy primer
-hand pump with tank, and panel indicator lights for installation above bulkhead deck (optionally),
-control block
-minic panel for installation on bridge
-spare parts
-documentation for shipyard in Auto Cad
-service manual
-class certificate

Optionally we offer:
-watertight door with low still,
-watertight doors A0 and /or A60 class
-watertight door with electric drive


Download here: Aqualogistic_HydrosterDoor Poster2

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